The Rockpile, as seen in 1969, is one of the most recognizable features in northern Quang Tri Province.  Made up several such rocky outcroppings, the Rockpile is often used by veterans as a locator point for discussions.



The Rockpile is my favorite sight in Vietnam. And it is one of the most photographed areas in the northern I Corps.

The Rockpile is just that. A geologic formation of rock that was forced up through the earth's crust many millennia ago. It looks like a big pile of rocks. But their height and steepness are breathtaking. There are four hills in all, including "The Rockpile" (shown above), "Razorback," "The Little Rockpile" and the "Witch's Tit" which looks just like what a witch's tit might look like -- pointy and scraggly.

The Rockpile was also a big artillery base manned by both the Marines and the Army. The big guns were there, too: 175 Long Toms, 8-inchers on tracks and of course a bevy of 105s and 155s. It was a heckuva sight from a chopper, too ... (Please see photo No. 10 on the next page.)



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