Crossing open fields of short grass was a treat for the
"Mountain Marines" of Kilo 3/9. No doubt that would 
change soon because of the destination for the night 
was straight ahead.


"Humping" was an appropriate term for all grunts serving in Vietnam and perhaps even more so for the "Mountain Marines" of the Ninth Marine Regiment.  To be able to walk through knee-high grass was a rarity for Kilo 3/9 for the hills always loomed ahead.

We'd begin at about 6:30 a.m. and hump the day long, not settling in for the night until well after 6 p.m. Unlike this photo of a day-long patrol into the mountains east of Stud, we'd often carry upward of 75-80 pounds of gear.
We'd struggle mightily to pull ourselves up the rainforest covered hills one tree sapling at a time, hoping the next one didn't have yet another thorn or bramble wrapped around it. (Please see Photo No. 11)


 Photos 10--18