Second Platoon of Kilo 3/9 prepares to leave
Signal Hill and head to the bush for
an operation in spring of 1969.



After less than three weeks in Vietnam, a CH-46 Sea Knight came up to Signal Hill and whisked us away for a short operation south of Stud. Where ever it was that we were going in the bush, it was by Sea Knight. Few Marines in the northern I Corps traveled by Huey helicopter -- those were for the Army. We had these tough old twin-blade choppers that were built like a tank and could haul a full squad of grunts.

This photo was taken looking west toward the Laotian border.

Once while traveling in a CH-46, the side gunner came over to me and tapped me on the shoulder and said, "Don't I know you?" I shrugged my shoulders and pointed to his helmet and visor -- hell it could have been Darth Vader for all I knew. He laughed and pulled it up. It was Larry Grant, a boot camp buddy of mine. It was good to see a familiar face... (Please see photo No. 7.)



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