Second platoon crosses a stream near Caloo and heads toward the ridge in the background to check out a suspected NVA mortar site.


Crossing streams was a daily regimen, whether in the mountains or in the lowlands. It also too often held surprises -- like the time we stirred up a small crocodile. His thrashing made the water boil and stopped a few hearts until we realized it was only four-feet long and more afraid of us.

On this particular day, Kilo 3/9 was headed toward the ridge line in the distance to check for the NVA soldiers who had hit us with mortars the day before near Caloo. A couple of howitzers at the firebase located at Caloo had routed the enemy with "beehive" rounds. Now it was our turn to figure whether or not there were any gooks still lurking about. We found them later in the day and called in a pair of F-4 Phantoms who finished them off. 
(Please see Photo No. 13)


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