Dave Bartosek of Pittsburgh, Pa., takes time to reflect
during a brief rest stop. Dave was one of the "older" guys at 21 years of age.


During a long patrol or operation in the bush, there was often a lot of time for reflecting. (How did I get myself into this mess? How will I get myself out of this mess? What's for dinner?) There was little chit-chat. A lot of moaning, groaning and bitching, of course, but most topics of conversation were left to the long boring hours of the late afternoon and evening.

What was often most important to the grunt when he got a break from the humping in the bush was that moment of silent reverie, such as the one Dave Bartosek of Pittsburgh enjoys here. Often we'd just look at one another and smile, or simply stare past the physical world and focus on the bliss of oblivion. Of course, at that time, none of us understood what it was we were doing or why. We simply enjoyed sitting there and doing nothing. And it often led to us nodding off. (Please see photo No. 14.)


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