A small convoy of 6-bys, or deuce-and-a-halfs, prepares 
to move out of Stud and head north toward the Rockpile.



In May 1969 they loaded us up in several trucks on a convoy similar to this one, but bigger, and sent us up to the Rockpile area just north of Stud for a two-week security sweep on Operation Cameron Falls.

I found traveling by convoy to be much worse than taking a chopper. It was rough and dusty.

We feared we'd make our first real contact with the NVA on this trip because it was during Ho Chi Minh's birthday and the brass expected a big celebratory week of battles. Of course, they didn't know two things at that time: first the gooks were having too much fun celebrating Uncle Ho's birthday, and second, the Tet offensive in 1968  had just about wiped out the VC and NVA in our area and it was taking a full year to rebuild their fighting force.

While March, April and May had us new guys wondering if there was nothing to Vietnam fighting except dodging mortars and rockets, June and July would teach us otherwise... (Please see photo No. 9.)



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