About as nice a bunker as you'd find outside of a compound.
Located atop Signal Hill and looking north.



This bunker atop Signal Hill was my favorite "house" while I was in Vietnam even though I didn't stay in it but two or three nights. When I was first atop Signal Hill in March, I just envied the veterans in this bunker while I slept on the low-rent side of the hill -- under a sheet metal lean-to about 18 inches high. I had to scoot under it sideways. Every time a mortar round would land near the top of Signal Hill at night, I would quickly sit up straight and bang my head. Once a rat ran across my chest and I leapt up and hit my head so hard it left a welt.

This photo was actually taken later in my tour when we made a short stop over between operations. We were then veteran enough ourselves to stake claim to it. I shared it with three or four other guys: Dave Bartosek, Frank Bokan and Mike Mayer. You can see all of our "luggage" draped around the sandbagged walls. That's mine just to the left and right of the doorway. I recognize it because my stuff was always neat and because my flack jacket was flat and floppy (I had taken all the protective panels out because they were too heavy and didn't work anyway.)

Between my first and last short stays atop Signal Hill, I was always looking for a better place to sleep ... (Please see photo No. 6.)



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