Ben shows off the ability he acquired in Vietnam to sleep
anywhere at anytime for any length of time. This photo was shot in the DaKrong River Valley in early July 1969.


When meditating was not in order, a nap usually was. Most any grunt that served in the 'Nam can boast of his latent ability to fall asleep on a moment's notice, sleep for a mere 10 minutes and quickly wake up feeling refreshed.

Humping the mountains with upward of 80 pounds on your back in mid 90-degree weather and with humidity levels hovering near 80 percent, can quickly sap even the strongest man's energy. Do this to a man's body on a regular basis and the result is a weariness few ever experience. Whenever there was a break, particularly in the afternoon, it was nothing to look around you and
feel that you were the only one awake. The bush seemed to take fatigue another step beyond exhaustion. I don't think there is a word to ably describe it.

Ask a grunt which he missed most --friends? family? food back home? or sleep? Don't be surprised if the answer is more sleep. (Please see Photo No. 15.)


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