Back at  Stud, Mike Mayer of Chicago and Dave Parker of
Sweet Home, Ore., pose at the tent area on the east side of the combat base.


A grunt makes many friends in the Nam, but some are more special than others. Mike Mayer, left, of Chicago, and Dave Parker, of Oregon, were two of those for me.

Mike's hard Midwestern accent, Dave's soft West Coast tones, and my rich Cajun patois brewed in south Louisiana provided an interesting study in American speech patterns when we got together.

I've kept in relatively close contact with Mike. He's in the communications business in the Chicago area and he and his wife, Grace, have raised two fine sons. We've been able to meet twice over the years, once at his home near Chicago and once in New Orleans.

I've lost touch with Dave since leaving Vietnam and Okinawa but would much desire talking to him again. Dave hailed from Sweet Home, Ore., but attempts to reach him have proved fruitless. This photo was taken just before Dave came down with malaria. 
(Please see Photo No. 19.)


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