Two little Montagnard children came out to greet us as we
entered the village of Caloo, located in the valley just south 
of Stud.


Just when you felt you were really a hardened Marine with a grunt's attitude that nothing was ever going to soften you, along came a reminder of your humanity and home.

These two Montagnard tykes were all smiles as we walked past them in the "suburbs" of Caloo, located just south of Stud. Despite the hardships they'd already suffered and the unknown pains in their future, this pair had a ready grin and a friendly wave for the giant Americans passing by. They reminded me of my youngest brother, Wendell, and my sister, Claire, back home. And you'll note that they're wearing a couple of Marine issue caps, so ours weren't the first hearts they'd captured.

I can't help but wonder what fate had in store for them. Hopefully they're in their mid-30s today. 
(Please see Photo No. 17.)


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